the incident i

The doctor asked me to write about it. It could be helpful, she said. The truth is, before the incident, I used to write. I used to be a fine writer, or so I was told by many people. I have tried to read my old writings, but it has not been helpful. I do not recognize them. I am sure there was a purpose behind them, I just do not know those anymore. Sometimes, when I read my writings, I cry, but I do not know why, I just do.

After the incident I moved in with my father. He lives in a mobile home at a recreational vehicle resort surrounded by a car cemetery, a fast food restaurant, a freeway, and a beach. He works at the car cemetery. We do not talk much and when we are both home we stare at each other drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. Soon after the incident I started smoking and drinking. Marlboro Reds and Guiness Draught only. Before the incident I always believed I would die either of gastric cancer, because of a chronic disease I did little to take care of, or in a bycicle accident. Nevertheless, nowadays I am inclined to believe that either liver or lung cancer will be listed as the cause of my death.

Ever since I saw "WAL-MART: The high cost of low price," I did not step into a WAL-MART again. But that was before the incident, today I do not know what I would do without them. I cannot sleep. I have not been able to get a full night's sleep since the incident. That is how I started to spend the night at a 24 hours WAL-MART across the freeway.

I have no memories of the incident other than her tiny smiling eyes. I randomly see them every now and then, but I am unable to relate that memory to any other memory, so the line of thought dies with them.

My favourite things at WAL-MART are playing Wii and bending over while still seated in the toilet seat so it flushes. I also like the silence, and the beeping of the barcode readers. As for the Wii, I am very good at ping-pong. I actually only play pin-pong. At the beginning I was not good at all, but after a few days I could play for an entire night without losing.

I have three friends at WAL-MART. I do not keep in touch with my old friends, people that used to know me before the incident. Bill, Shamecca, and Jane are all WAL-MART associates that work the night shift. Bill likes to watch me playing Wii. He has never played himself, and will not let me make him play. He just likes staring at me while I play. We do not talk much, but we enjoy spending time together. He is a divorcee and has two children somewhere living with their mother. Shamecca is really loud and talks to me about American Idol while cleaning the floor. I do not know what she is talking about most of the time, but it is still fun. She still lives with her parents, but only until she can become a singer herself. Sometimes she sings and her privileged voice fills the empty corridors of WAL-MART. She goes to karaoke every friday night. I have yet to go with her even though she invites me every week. Jane is really pretty. She also likes the beeping of the barcode readers. We have plans to make a song using them and become famous. I think she likes me. I like her too, but not the way I like those tiny smiling eyes.

I have just realized that this is not a story with an introduction, a body, and an ending. Maybe that is because I have nothing to tell. I hope this is what my doctor had in mind when she asked me to write about the incident. But this is not about the incident either, since I have no memories of it. The stories I wrote before the incident had most of them an introduction, a body, and an ending, and probably I had something to tell back then although I do not know what anymore.

Tomorrow I am meeting Jane, Bill, and Shanecca for lunch. We are going to go to the water park afterwards. Bill is behind me right now. I am writing this in one of the laptops exposed in WAL-MART. He does not like to use them either. I think it is time for me to go back home and try to sleep an hour or two before the sun rises. Before, though, I will visit the restroom once again and bend over. I will come back tomorrow, since I am not busy or anything with something else. I am never anymore. Sometimes I wish I remember what happened. But then again, I am afraid I will not like it. My life now is simple.