Green Silence

I like to feel the touch of the green grass with my bare feet while I eat.

Ryan, a guy I have just met, is telling me about his childhood in Ghana.

Some monks flood the Plaza with their pleasant music.

A loud crowd waits in line for their tasty food.

People sit in clusters around me, gobbling, chatting, resting, smiling, staring...

The light from the generous Sun bathes the multicolored Plaza, people, bikes, backpacks, trees, grass... The heat tickles my face.

A girl stands up and look at a boy with craftiness and picks his cap up and runs away from him and he runs after her.

A man is sharing his enlightened life with some interested people.

A couple shows their innocent love to the anonymous witnesses.

Two friends fight over a mysterious object.

Pleasant noise.

I close my eyes and I am not there anymore. I am surrounded by blue, sea and sky...

When I open my eyes again, the noise is not there anymore. Reality dissolves around me. I am surrounded by textures and colors. I am surrounded by a delightful silence. Only then, I see her. She emerges green from the abstract canvas. She walks towards me and sits by my side and carefully caresses my hand before...

I look at her and listen to the most beautiful of the melodies, the music of her eyes giggling... My eyes dancing with hers... Green silence...

It only lasts a few seconds, but not in my mind, but not in her mind...

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