this time i am fighting it, i am not letting myself follow that train of thoughts back to you. otherwise, it would end like it always does, and that is precisely letting myself follow that train of thoughts back to you. of course, after a yet one more ride on a roller coaster..

- what's gonna be for you today, sir?

- hmm... not pancakes, not scramble eggs..

- so?

- hold on, one second.. i'll just have the special, whatever that is.. which is?

- we're out..

- of course..

- so?

- i'll just have a big fat fresh glass of orange juice..

- sure..

by the time she comes back with my big fat fresh glass of orange juice i will be wondering how long it would take to pluck my beard one hair at a time, unless, of course, there is a slice of lemon in it.. then.. then the train again..


Tomeqh said...
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Anonymous said...

i enjoy your blog! just cruising through. I added it to my favorites. I love the one about your insomnia and the people at Wal-mart. Real life stories down to earth heart. gets me everytime!!! I keep coming back for more only to find nothing. I am soooo interested.

Cai-Jo said...

this was a cute, kind of sad post. I am just looking through blogs, but it got my attention. Anyway, I'd like to read more.

Michelle said...

I love your blog! I just stumbled upon it, and I only read the first post... but I love the style of writing!